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At Jobbio, we are dedicated to ending the gender pay gap but in order to solve a problem, you first have to address it, which is why we undertook our #ShatterTheGlass Campaign.
With the help of a research agency we surveyed men and women in high-level tech and digital positions in London and New York. We compared like for like job titles, skillsets and experience levels.
We knew there would be a disparity between men and women’s salaries. What we didn’t know was how drastic the difference would be. Watch the video to find out more.

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In response to the research we’ve launched the #ShatterTheGlass channel. This channel is a feed of live jobs available in companies who have demonstrated a commitment to diversity and to supporting women. It’s a cohort of companies who value transparency, equality and change. It’s an alliance. It’s game changing.

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Sophie Theen, 11:FS

“The trick to closing the seemingly intractable pay gap, isn’t for women to simply ask for more. Women who are assertive in negotiating their salaries are often considered too demanding, if not violating a gender or societal norm. So companies need to play an active part in promoting equality by having a fair benchmarking framework and transparent career development plans to tell them what they (we) need to do to get to the next level. I’d love to see more of them empower their staff to step up by giving them the tools to do so, because much more support is needed than just women advised to ‘negotiate better’.

Kate Miller, City Pantry

“The general assumption for a male employee who is a father is that he will work as hard as possible to ensure he puts food on the table.  Meanwhile, the perception for the female employee who is a mother, is that she will work only as much as she has to before she can go home to her children.  As a new mother at Google who went on international business trips, I was constantly asked who was looking after the kid while I was away.  My husband, by contrast, was never asked this question when he travelled abroad for work.”

Claire, CEO, Axonista

“Our company Axonista has a 30% female workforce, including two C level positions. We welcome all forms of diversity, and really believe that the best company decisions come from collaboration between people from all different backgrounds and experiences. It’s something we’re working hard on every day to improve, and it’s fantastic that Jobbio has recognised us in this way.”

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