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Talent Acquisition – Ciaran Cullen 

“Jobbio has played an important role in expanding our reach. We’re seeing more targeted traffic, which is really important to us.”


Recruiting Team Lead – Déborah Baldé

“The platform is user friendly and helps us communicate what our culture is about in a more transparent way.”


Director of Talent Acquisition – Ruth 

“The Jobbio platform is really user-friendly, but you can also use it to create something aesthetically beautiful.”


VP of Talent – Michelle

“I would definitely recommend Jobbio, it’s a great platform, it’s bringing on more and more great talent. It’s definitely a great resource for us.”


Managing Director – Martin

“Jobbio is an awesome platform. I think it’s the way forward for recruitment.”

Silicon Investing

Co-Founder and Director – Matthew

“My favorite feature on Jobbio, hands down, is the easy web integration. My technical guys hooked it all up in 10 minutes.”

Secret Escapes

Senior Talent Partner – Cheryl

“Jobbio is a great platform, easy to use, clean, looks attractive, it’s user-friendly. Jobbio keeps up-to-date with what candidates want and how they want to apply for roles.”


Head of Product – Michelle

“Jobbio really allowed us to expand our network and get into a talent pool that we otherwise wouldn’t have access to.”


Chief Operating Officer – Andy

“Placed in the right position in your recruitment process, it can do wonders for your company.”


HR Officer – Laura

“Jobbio’s perfect for us, we love it!”


Head of Talent – Nick

“Jobbio has a unique blend of talent attraction and employer branding.”


Operations Manager – Liam

“Jobbio’s live platform allows me to view all of my applicants in one place and contact them en masse.”