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Activate Your Inbound Hiring

In ‘Activate Your Inbound Hiring’ we explore how to successfully target passive candidates leveraging the four key pillars of effective inbound hiring. From establishing and communicating your mission and culture, to creating employer branding content that connects with your audience, to promoting that content in the right channels, this eBook is everything you need to reach top talent, before they even start looking!

The Future of Work

In this eBook we look at the roles that will be lost, the ones that will emerge, what the future office space looks like, when we can expect to work until and how to overcome the pain point of massive tech disruption in an intergenerational workforce.

Jobbio Work Happy Index 2020 ebook library
Jobbio #WorkHappy Index 2020 edition

To attract the best talent to your organisation, you first need to understand their motivations and what makes them happy. When we’re happy at work, we’re more creative, more productive and more driven to succeed.

From the most desirable perks, to the most common career ambitions, discover what today’s talent need to excel in their roles, in our latest Work Happy Index.

How to Compete with the Sexy Brands

Research shows that 82% of people would reject a job if the employer has a bad reputation. Learn more about the importance of employer branding and the best ways to tell your story.

Mastering Diversity

From defining and assessing diversity in a modern team, to ensuring inclusion of minorities,  “Mastering Diversity – How to Nurture an Inclusive Team” is your essential guide to a diverse workplace.