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Welcome to #Channels; The newest way to market your jobs to relevant Talent.

#Channels are lists of jobs and companies that are grouped together based on commonalities. We call this a curated feed.

#Channels have been created to make job discovery easier, more interactive and extra engaging for Talent. Talent can follow #Channels to stay informed about opportunities that are relevant and interesting to them.

For Companies, #Channels are all about relevant visibility for your jobs. If creativity is strategically important to your company and you want to attract the most creative Talent then #CreativeJobs is for you. If creating greater gender parody in your teams is important to you then add your job to #Girlcrew and gain access to a community of professional women. Is your focus on hiring tech Talent? Think #techworldjobs. Where are you located? Explore the range of #Channel options for your location, for example, #LondonFinanceJobs.

There’s a #Channel for everyone. Visit the new #Channels landing page to see for yourself.

 Speak to your account manager about the right #Channel for your jobs.


Channels from Jobbio on Vimeo.


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